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About The Photographer


For much of my life I’ve had a keen interest in photography, but only after retiring from a long career in Engineering was I able to pursue it full time.

So how does an Engineer end up in the realm of fine art photography? It turns out that it was really just a natural extension of my previous involvement in Engineering which was to create designs that are elegant, cost effective and solved a problem as simply as possible.  A good engineer is not satisfied with just “a” solution but rather seeks “the” solution. The fact that I was always an innovator and by nature a very visual person were also important elements leading me into photography.

As in Engineering, photography involves problem solving of a sort that requires one to first “see” the possibility, then work it at the point of observation, refine it through editing and finally produce the artwork itself.

The technical nature of digital photography is similar to engineering.  One must first have a good understanding of optics, the workings of the cameras and lenses and finally be able to bring out the true potential of an image through effective post-process editing. So, making great photographs is really a blending of art and technology. 

Although the source for much of my work is derived from wilderness experiences and extensive worldwide travel, I also find compelling material right in “my own backyard”. Sometimes the most prosaic and seemingly ordinary objects produce extraordinary images when subject matter, form, color, and light are fused into a new transformative whole.

The subject matter of my portfolio is wide ranging and can only be described as eclectic. It includes Nature, Scenics, Cityscapes, Portraiture, Wildlife, Abstracts, Motion, Mixed Media and more.

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